Prices 2019

Room rates:

Single room                129,00 EUR
Double room (Cat. S)*  165,00 EUR
Double room (Cat. C)*  153,00 EUR

Single room   "Ulmer Nacht"               109,00 EUR
Double room "Ulmer Nacht" (Cat. S)*  129,00 EUR
Double room "Ulmer Nacht" (Cat. C)*  119,00 EUR
Sunday night only (Exceptional: when a holiday follows a sunday (also on Schwörmontag) and on advent and between fairs).

room rates include buffet breakfast

Parking space on hotel parking, per night 8,50 EUR
(subject to availability - please mention request in reservation)

Weekend packages:

Single room   2 nights               238,00 EUR
Double room 2 nights (Cat. S)*  305,00 EUR
Double room 2 nights (Cat. C)*  285,00 EUR
(arrival Friday - departure Sunday)

Single room   3 nights             347,00 EUR
Double room 3 nights (Cat. S)* 435,00 EUR
Double room 3 nights (Cat. C)* 405,00 EUR
(arrival Friday - departure Monday)

*Cat. S (Superior) are the southern rooms facing the creek Blau, 
  with a very tilted floor.
*Cat. C (Comfort) are the northern rooms with a relatively straight floor.